Wellness & Fitness app tracks your
Health State & Energy Level
EvoSport uses sensors, science and AI
to evaluate, monitor and visualize your
State / Energy / Performance / Adaptation
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Treating the two most important health parameters – Body State and Energy Level, EvoSport unleashes to you the Sports and Exercise Science advantages. Here just some of:
Boost athletic performance;
Personal training guidance;
Injury and reinjury prevention;
Reduce of heart disease risk;
Better rehabilitation;
Faster time for recovery;
Effective stress management;
Goals and achievements control.
Easy and clear
Ongoing health-tracking
Extensive visual statistics
Achievements storage and sharing
Game-like motivation and fun
EVO Health
for Fans
EVO Progress
for Athletes
Graphic dynamics of trainee’s athletic form
Trainee’s diverse and comprehensive statistics
Scientific control of trainee’s fitness indicators
Trainee’s state worsening and injury prevention
Safe admission to training or competition
EVO Discipline
for Coaches
Ongoing fitness-tracking
Highly visual performance charts
Local and cloud achievements storage
Sport longevity extension
Injury prevention
Under-and over-training control
2. Mobile device
We strive for safety and accuracy. That’s why EvoSport relies only on trusted data from the top-notch sensors of the best-selling wrist-wearable and heart monitoring devices.
So, you need:
iPhone 6s+ running iOS 15 or later
Smartphone running Android 11+
1. Sensor
Apple Watch (Series 7+)
Polar Chest Heart Rate Sensor (H10+)
Body State
Energy Level
Based on 2-phase Orthostatic test, representing:

Training/recovery balance;
Mental stress level;
Sleep quality;
Latent illness.
Based on simple exercise Step test, representing:

Cardiovascular endurance;
Aerobic fitness;
Fatigue level;
Adaptability to training.
EvoSport collects the number of trusted physical parameters like Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Chronotropic Index, VO2 max, ECG, and more, processes them with AI and represents the results in form of two illustrative indicators: Body State and Energy Level.
Science & Technology
We are the team of researchers, technical geeks and active lifestyle enthusiasts, who built the health app in accordance with the scientific basis and high-level technical standards of wellness industry, consulting each step with the experts and thoroughly testing the results in trustworthy labs.

Discover just some details of our inspiration in cooperation:

How Apple measures and treats HRV and ECG.
What heart experts think about Apple Watch Series 7 capabilities by healthline.
Basics of the Orthostatic test by Polar.
Right way to perform and interpret results of the Step test by Harvard Medical School.
Target Heart Rate Calculator by University of Rochester Medical Center.
Mobile device based ECG monitoring by The University of Texas at Austin.
Our highly-trusted research partners:
EvoSport uses the fitness indicators for app operation only. We never share your personal data with third parties.
medical laboratories
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